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Ultimate Team Fight Champion – Miss Fortune

If you’re looking for a champion with a strong team fight ultimate, you should look no further than Miss Fortune. She excels in early games because she deals more damage than other AD Carriers, and her passive allows you to deal damage to several targets at once. Additionally, you can use her auto attacks and Bullet Time to do more damage than you normally would.

Miss Fortune’s main role in combat is to disable her opponent with her abilities, or to poke them for damage. This makes her a great AD carry, and her lifesteal is a vital aspect of her game. However, her low health often leaves her in danger of being unable to cast abilities and enter combat. This is why she has an ability called Presence of Mind, which increases her mana regeneration after striking a champion.

Miss Fortune is a good choice for building attack damage and critical strike items, since she has a Strut that provides bonus attack speed. While you don’t need to build too much attack speed, it’s a good idea to build attack damage crit items. Items such as Stormrazor and Infinity Edge will help increase your attack damage and crit. Other good attack damage crit items are Serylda’s Grudge, which slows down opponents.