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How to Get Rewards From the Fortune2Go App

There are many ways to get rewards from the Fortune2Go app. Referring new users can earn you points, and the app will reward you with extra coins for each one. For example, you can earn up to 30% bonus on your first deposit when you invite a friend to join. The app will also give you an individual URL and invitational code to help you get rewards.

Another way to get rewards from Fortune2Go is to play its fish-shooting games. These games require you to shoot different kinds of fish and collect points. The more valuable and rare fish you shoot, the more points will you get. There are also different stakes you can place, and you can practice before you start playing for real money.

Fortune2go20 offers a wide range of games. There are classic casino games like poker, keno, and pick’em, as well as more casual ones like fish shooting and roulette. The app also allows you to trade cards with other players. You can unlock special items by leveling up that will give your opponent an advantage.

In addition to games, Fortune City also has a community that lets you build cities. Invite your friends to play, or stay anonymous. The colour scheme of the app is soothing and changes depending on the time of day. A subscription plan can be purchased to gain insight into your spending habits and provide you with insights. You can also get rid of ads through the app.