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Miss Fortune Books In Order

Why It’s Important to Read the Miss Fortune Books in Order

The Miss Fortune series is a collection of standalone novels that follows the adventures of the protagonist. The plotlines of the books are similar but they are very different from each other. The characters of the Miss Fortune series evolve and change from novel to novel. It is important to read the books to get a full view of their lives.

The first Miss Fortune Mystery novel was published in 2012. Fortune Redding, a former CIA agent, was the protagonist. She has spent the last several years learning the tactics and strategies of the agency. One of her assignments involves a leak by a top arms dealer. Fortune is not amused when Fortune learns of the leak.

The Miss Fortune series is made up of twenty books by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana Deleon. This series follows CIA assassin Fortune Redding in a variety of situations. Fortune Redding has been an assassin since she was twenty-five years old and has seen many obstacles in her career.

This cozy mystery series is perfect for readers who enjoy suspense and mystery novels. The protagonist, Fortune Redding, is a former CIA assassin who tries to live a low profile in a small Louisiana town. She soon finds herself in the middle more capers than she expected.