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Kevin Na Waac Shirts

Kevin Na’s WAAC Shirts and His Logo Controversy

There have been many disputes over Kevin Na’s shirt design. A recent one brought the South Korean golf apparel company to the forefront. The problem with the brand’s logo is not entirely his fault, but it is also not surprising, considering how much Na’s career has benefited from the company’s products. This new update to the logo has some golf fans fuming.

Although it’s an easy idea, Kevin Na’s shirts feature an unusual logo. A devil is pictured at the top, with the letters “WAAC” below it. It’s a clever way to show Kevin Na’s support for his favorite golfers, and it makes a statement about the brand’s stance on the sport. Kevin Na is a success not only because of his appearance, but also because of the striking design.

Although Na’s on-course look is very similar to other players’ brands, his shirts are more tailored. Callaway, MGM and the LPGA’s Danielle Kang have endorsed him. Waacky, the brand’s mascot is a cute little devil who symbolizes the brand’s competitive spirit. Na wore a navy cashmere cardigan with the company’s logo. The red piping added a touch of Arnold Palmer-style class to the desert.

Among the many reasons to purchase a Kevin Na shirt, it’s his logo. In golf tournaments, players are allowed to wear whatever clothes they want, and they usually wear the apparel of their sponsor. But the logo on Na’s shirt is confusing. And that’s just the beginning of the controversy. He has already won five PGA Tour events, and has been a part of the conversation for a while. His new venture is attracting a lot of interest from his fans.