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Contract Research Organisation In Bangalore

ICBio Clinical Research, Anthem Biosciences, and Accelsiors

ICBio Clinical Research, a full-service CRO in Bangalore, INDIA, offers comprehensive and integrated clinical research solutions. Whether you’re conducting an endpoint study or a phase II study, ICBio has the expertise to help. We provide clinical research solutions for studies across India and around the world.


Bioneeds is a Bangalore-based contract research organisation that offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies integrated discovery and development services. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities include four5,000 square feet of synthetic chemistry and biopharmaceutical labs. Its innovative and experienced team is capable of performing a broad range of tasks.

In addition to its preclinical services, Bioneeds also provides integrated discovery, development, regulatory, and manufacturing services. Its services include drug characterization, immunotoxicity testing, ecotoxicity testing, and physicochemical testing. Its comprehensive suite of services enables bio-pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, and medical device companies to conduct high-quality preclinical studies.

Actimus Biosciences

Anthem Biosciences is a Bangalore-based contract research organisation (CRO). Its industrial park facility is large enough to accommodate up to 500 scientists and biomedical engineers. The company’s research team includes experienced biologists, scientists and engineers with business skills. The company provides its clients with comprehensive and integrated clinical research solutions.

A contract research organisation (CRO) is an organization that undertakes research to support a drug development project. It provides a variety of services to biopharmaceutical companies. Its Bangalore facilities were developed with the help of a leading German pharma company. Its services range from clinical trials to manufacturing and testing services.

Syneos Health

For those looking for a challenging career in biopharmaceuticals, a career with Syneos Health might be a good fit. The company’s culture promotes teamwork and allows employees to interact with various Fortune 500 pharmaceutical clients. The company also offers ample opportunity for personal growth. There are some downsides, however, including a lack of structure within upper management. The company’s leaders don’t always listen to the needs of employees. This makes it difficult to chart a career trajectory within the organisation.

Syneos Health is a contract research organisation (CRO) that offers services across the healthcare spectrum, from research to development. Located in Bangalore, India, the organisation specializes in clinical research and provides comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. The company offers services in biopharmaceuticals, clinical trials, medical writing, and Pharmacovigilance. In addition, the company offers IT, digital technology consulting, and operations services.

ICBio Clinical Research

ICBio Clinical Research is an independent contract research organisation (CRO) that provides comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective clinical research services in India and around the world. ICBio is a member of the NABL and the DCGI, and is accredited by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). ICBio offers a wide range of services to its clients.

ICBio’s mission is to execute operations in a way that creates superior results for sponsors. This is achieved through an integrated management system (IMS) and a culture of operational discipline. The IMS defines the organizational direction and establishes standards that guide the conduct of all activities.


Accelsiors contract research organisation in India provides comprehensive services to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with all stages of clinical research. Our services include consulting, outsourcing, and manufacturing. Our team of professionals brings together a diverse range of expertise in safety-medical, regulatory, and technology-driven research.