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Little Peoples Big Helpers Home

Little People Big Helpers Home Review

The Little People Big Helpers home is a fun and functional playset that is well suited to the pre school set. With 360 degrees of play space, there is plenty of room for pretend play. This toy also includes a slew of other features such as two bar stools, a dog, and a few other pets. It is rated for ages 6+ and is compatible with other Fisher-Price toys, including the ever popular wooden playsets. One of the perks of this gizmo is a little more freedom to roam around, since it can easily fold up for storage.

Not to mention, a few snazzy figurines and a handful of accessories will keep your child entertained for hours. Although the Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers home is a tad pricey, it is one of the best toys you can get for the price tag. Besides being durable and fun, it also has a few perks that will make your aspiring tycoon smile. A few of the other perks include the ability to connect to other Fisher-Price playsets, including the Little People Town and Biggest Pet in Town playsets.