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Fortune Auto Coilovers

Fortune Auto Coilovers Review

Fortune Auto coilovers are one of the best options on the market at any price range. They are built in the USA and are backed by the best warranty in the business. The company also offers quick rebuilds in the USA – a huge benefit compared to other companies that have to import their coilovers from overseas.

The Fortune Auto 500 series are the most popular coilovers available. They’re great for daily commuting, track days, and weekend autocross. These coilovers are extremely affordable, offer an industry leading rebound adjustment range, and feature aggressive valving profiles. They provide exceptional low speed control, while still remaining comfortable enough to pass over curbs and bumps.

These suspension kits are fully customizable. You can change the spring rate, adjust the ride height, and modify the damping. The damping is what allows the shock to absorb force. The Fortune Auto shocks have 24 damping adjustment steps, ranging from soft to firm. You can easily adjust these settings by rotating the knobs on the top of each shock absorber.

The Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers are hand-built for durability. They require a 4 to 8 week lead time for production, but this can vary from case to case. They’re also modular and rebuildable, so you’ll be able to change your coilovers whenever you want to. And they are made right here in the USA.

If you’re looking for the perfect suspension solution for your vehicle, the best place to start is with Fortune Auto. They offer a wide range of custom suspension solutions for all kinds of cars. The company’s engineers build their systems from the ground up in Richmond, Virginia, so quality control is top priority.

The springs of Fortune Auto Coilovers are made from the highest quality materials. These springs are made from a proprietary magnetic steel alloy that is more compliant than traditional springs. This translates to a more responsive and comfortable ride. The springs also include damper seals, which are very important in shock absorber performance. Fortune Auto uses the best quality seals to ensure a smooth ride.