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Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump can hold 230 ml milk. It is lightweight and low-profile. Its cups are shallower than the average pump system. They can hold a breast funnel measuring 25mm or 28mm in size. This pump can be worn discreetly by the user thanks to its belt clip and detachable strap, which also makes it compatible with jackets.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Breast Pump, a lightweight, ultra-quiet wearable pump system with a specialized connector, is extremely quiet. It features over 100 pump settings and a Turbo setting that allows you to extend the draw and release cycles. It has a memory function and a sleep timer that shuts off after 40 minutes of inactivity. It can also be used to feed your baby at night. The bra can be customized to fit the user’s needs.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump comes with a collection cup set and two 230-ml concealable cups. This breast pump system features a double-pumping tubing system and over 100 pump settings. It offers a Turbo setting for a longer draw and release cycle. It also has a memory function, and a timer that automatically shuts off after 40 min. It also has a built-in sleep alarm, which allows you to set your pump settings before going to bed.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump comes with two flange sizes, 25 mm and 28 mm. You can choose to insert an optional insert for any size cup, even the smallest. The Freemie Liberty is not compatible with a large number of bra styles, but it can be used to augment a traditional bra. However, the battery drains fast, so it’s important to charge your pump after every few pumping sessions.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump is truly mobile and offers hospital-grade suction. The reprogrammable memory buttons let you save your favorite settings and create custom settings. Its USB connector allows for easy charging in a car or wall socket. This pump can be used in your office or at your desk. The reprogrammable button on the pump allows you to save your settings for the best breast milk-producing experience.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump makes a great choice for women who want hands-free mobility and hospital grade suction. The device is discreet enough to be worn in discreet environments. The next generation of Freemie Closed System Collection Cups prevent milk from leaking into the pump’s tubing, making it perfect for use with any bra. You can take it with you wherever you go, whenever you like, thanks to its wireless design.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump is comparable to the Medela(r) Freedom Hands-Free Breast Pump, but has some additional features. The programmable sleep timer makes it ideal for women who need to breast-feed more frequently. A programmable timer helps you stay awake and alert while using the pump. Its revolutionary noise-reduction technology also means that you can use this device to breastfeed your baby on the go.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free breast pump is small and lightweight, so you can use it in your bra or on-the-go. The Next Generation Freemie Closed System Collection Cups feature an internal barrier to prevent milk from getting inside the electronic pump motor. The entire pump is discreet and simple to use. It comes with two sizes of flanges for smaller and larger breasts. It comes in three sizes to meet the needs of the mother. You can also order more as needed.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Breast Pump offers true mobility. Next Generation Freemie Cups have an internal barrier that prevents milk from leaking into the tubing. The pump is small enough to be hidden underneath a bra or other clothing, and it does not interfere with the patient’s clothes. Its programmable auto-shutoff timer lets you decide how long you want to use the pump and how often. The machine can be stored easily and is compact enough to take with you when traveling.