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Famous Miss Cleo Quotes

Miss Cleo was a charismatic, flamboyant psychic medium who made her mark in the 1960s. Her brightly colored costumes and candles made her famous. In addition to her flamboyance, she was a huge hit with advertisers, creating several spoofs during her time on late-night television. In fact, she even sold a book entitled Keepin’ It Real.

Famous miss cleo quotes can be found online. You can even make your own list of famous miss cleo quotes and say them out loud. It’s the perfect way to share the beauty and wit of this famous actress. Here are some of her most memorable quotes:

In 2002, Miss Cleo’s companies were hit by federal law enforcement and were forced to forfeit more than $500 million in customer fees. They agreed to stop selling services over the phone and pay a $5 million fine. The Miss Cleo commercials ended, but the psychic and actress remained popular. Despite the legal issues, her inspirational quotes are truly inspiring. Hopefully, they will inspire future generations of psychics.