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Kidsworld Travel Guide

Kidsworld Travel Guide

Kidsworld Travel Guide is an innovative site that gives kids a comprehensive knowledge of a country before they visit, written by children for kids. It includes facts and insights about famous landmarks, people and cultures, animals, as well as attractions. Kids can easily understand these facts!

The site also hosts an annual geography-themed writing competition for kids. It’s an excellent way to get your children engaged with geography, and best of all – it’s free!

Not for Parents are a series of Lonely Planet guides specifically tailored for kids that don’t include all the information found in their more traditional guides. These books are more suitable for primary school aged children and focus on providing interesting facts about a destination.

Lonely Planet Kids offers a variety of travel guides for children, such as the City Trails series which takes kids around cities with plenty to see and do. On the other hand, their Not For Parents series lacks some details about a city but still provides plenty of enjoyable activities to keep kids occupied while they’re there.

Little Kids First Big Book of the World is an engaging introduction to various countries and continents, featuring fun facts about each one as well as vivid illustrations sure to captivate children’s attention. It’s especially ideal for those just beginning to read aloud.

Bluey: The Beach is an inspiring hard board book that follows Bluey on her family holiday to a beach. The text is straightforward enough for younger readers, while the illustrations are vibrant and beautiful – making this an excellent introduction to different destinations around the world.

A Walk In a World is an ideal travel book for kids, featuring vibrant illustrations and engaging text that will engage young readers. It covers various destinations such as the Serengeti, spy giant pandas in China, and friendly Red Sea dolphins in Egypt – sure to inspire your little ones to plan their own trip!

Lonely Planet Kids’ This is My World is an excellent travel book for kids, featuring stories written by 84 different children from around the globe. These real kids tell captivating tales – not dry facts but rather engaging narratives that will keep readers engaged throughout.

Lonely Planet Kids’ You Rule! is an excellent travel book for children, as it allows them to create their own country from scratch. They get to pick borders, design their own flag and explore the history of their new nation.

Journey is an inspiring work of art that tells the tale of a girl using red crayons to navigate her way towards an amazing adventure. The illustrations are so beautifully drawn that it’s easy to get sucked into the story and learn something about your destination!