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The Rose That Grew From Concrete Answer Key

A well-known American rapper wrote the symbolic poem “The rose that grew out of concrete”. The rose represents the poet’s journey and encourages people to rise above the ghetto. The rose is one of the most famous rap songs of all time and the poem begins with a rhetorical question: “How could this rose grow from concrete?” The poem also contains many literary devices such as rhyme and meter.

The poem’s structure is octaved. The four lines are each two verses long. The diction is simple. The poem shows how roses can defy nature’s laws to grow. The rose is so powerful that it can grow from a crack in concrete. It is this ability that gives it the strength to overcome its limitations. The rose is a great example of proving this law of nature incorrect.

In Tupac Shakur’s “The Rose That Grew From Concrete,” a metaphorical poem, the speaker speaks in a moment of deep emotion. It is the speaker’s attempt to explain the implication that hard work pays off. He uses the metaphor of a rose growing from a crack in concrete to show that success is possible if you are willing to work hard for it. This is a beautiful poem to learn from.

Tupac Shakur is an American rapper, actor, poet, activist, and inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His lyrics and music are a testament to his influence and ability to fight against injustice. He was a key figure in the history and evolution of rap. Many people have found inspiration from the lyrics he wrote. And he was a great poet. You will love the book.

It’s a poem about how roses can be made from cracks. In the poem, the rose shows how it was able to learn to walk without its feet and breathe in fresh air. It was also able to overcome the limitations of its surroundings. The poet ends the poem by saying “long live.” It may seem strange, but the poet has proven that the law of nature is wrong.

To show that The Rose That Grew From Concrete has metaphorical and symbolic meaning, Tupac used personification. Concrete is a metaphor to Tupac’s ghetto. Moreover, the rose is a metaphor for the poet, who can come out of a ghetto to prove that nature’s laws are not true and can be bent to their will. It is possible to come out of a ghetto and breathe fresh air and keep your dreams alive.