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Travel Nuclear Medicine Technologist Jobs

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Travel Jobs

Nuclear medicine technologist travel jobs offer an exciting chance to put your radiology skills to the test and explore some amazing places across America! As a travel nuclear medicine technologist, you’ll have access to high-tech facilities, leading hospitals, specialty clinics and more – plus receive top DAY ONE benefits like paid health insurance and 401k plan – plus much more!

Career Overview

Nuclear medicine is a specialized field that requires you to administer radioactive drugs that emit radiation that detects diseases and abnormalities within the body. This technology assists doctors in diagnosing illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and many more conditions.

As a nuclear medicine technologist, you may work in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic laboratories that use these tests to diagnose various medical conditions. Your duties would include prepping the tests for administration as well as interpreting their outcomes.

Your expertise will enable you to save lives. This job opportunity presents itself as a rewarding career opportunity for those who are passionate about aiding those in need.

Your Education

In order to become a nuclear medicine technologist, you must possess an associate degree in this specialty. Although this can be completed online, most employers prefer candidates who possess at least a four-year bachelor’s degree in the same field.

Your licenses and certifications

In order to practice as a nuclear medicine technologist, you must possess a valid radiologic technologist license from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The ARRT is an independent agency that regulates and certifies professionals in this field.

Your Experience and Training

As a nuclear medicine technologist, your duties include preparing radioactive drugs for patients undergoing medical scans. Furthermore, you may operate diagnostic imaging equipment which produces images of the patient’s body to diagnose disease conditions.

Nuclear medicine technologists are most often found working in hospitals, which employ over half of the profession’s workers. Hospitals usually require nuclear medicine technologists to have at least an associate degree and pass the ARRT’s therapeutic nuclear medicine exam before being employed.

Your Work Environment

As a nuclear medicine technologist, it is your duty to guarantee the workplace is secure and comfortable for patients and staff. To do this, follow all safety procedures closely and work in an environment free from potential hazards or contaminants.

Your Salary and Perks

A nuclear medicine technologist’s average annual salary, according to O*NET (2021), is $82,080. While this salary is lower than the national average for all occupations, it remains highly rewarding nonetheless.

Your Travel Options

As a traveling nuclear medicine technologist, your job often takes you around the country on contract with a host facility. This provides the chance to visit new places, connect with new people and experience America from an entirely different angle.