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Acoustic Research Connoisseur Speaker Stands

Acoustic Research Connoisseur Speaker Stands

The Acoustic Research Connoisseur Series (AR-20) is a bookshelf suspension speaker with an 8-inch polypropylene suspension woofer and a 1-inch liquid-cooled high-range tweeter. It can handle power up to 10100 watts and has a -3dB sensitivity between 56Hz and 22kHz. It weighs 8.6kg and 19lbs. The stands are made of solid hardwood and have a felt pad at the corners. They are in great condition and have been well maintained.

Acoustic Research, Inc. started manufacturing audio equipment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the early 1970s. The company was founded by Edgar Villchur, a pioneering audio-electronics teacher, researcher, and inventor. The company’s first speaker was the $185 model AR-1, which used the principle of acoustic suspension to deliver accurate audio reproduction. The company grew over the years and in 1989 it was bought by Jensen Electronics and later Recoton Audio Corporation.