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Popular Solo Travel Destination In Italy Crossword

Top 5 Solo Travel Destinations in Italy

Florence is one of Italy’s most popular destinations and an ideal choice for solo travelers looking to explore Renaissance art and history. Plus, Florence boasts a safe atmosphere with most major attractions easily accessible via foot or public transport.

Lucca, Italy’s picturesque medieval town, is encased by city walls and offers breathtaking views of its rooftops. This laid-back atmosphere makes Lucca ideal for people watching, with plenty of backstreets to get lost in while enjoying a gelato or coffee.

Pisa, Italy is an ideal destination for solo travelers. This charming city offers plenty of historical sites and an exciting nightlife scene – there truly is something to please everyone in Pisa. Don’t miss the leaning tower or Santa Maria del Fiore church for some stunning architecture!

Orvieto, Italy is a small but charming city located in northern Italy that makes for an idyllic holiday with excellent food, wine, affordable accommodation and friendly locals. The heart of Orvieto lies within its picturesque town square which showcases several churches that should not be missed when visiting.

Brescia is a small, safe city with excellent public transportation and plenty of things to do without needing your car. It makes an ideal day trip or staycation destination from Milan; or why not stay for several days and experience Brescia like a local?

Naples may be known for its pizza and tasty cappuccinos, but there’s so much more to this historic city than just that. It boasts a maze of old churches, shops and cafes in its UNESCO-listed city center. For cultural activities beyond pizza-eating, head over to Sorrento, Capri or Pompeii nearby.

Venice, Italy’s romantic capital, is a popular destination for those traveling alone in Europe. With 177 canals, 400 bridges and plenty of sights to see in this Italian city, it’s easy to get lost in its allure.

Experience this stunning Italian town by taking a walking tour. This is an ideal way to uncover all of its hidden secrets hidden behind facades, providing you with fun and relaxing insights into its history, plus it’s an excellent chance to meet other solo travelers.

Cinque Terra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an ideal destination for those seeking an exciting journey. The five villages along this stunning coastline make for an enjoyable solo travel experience in Italy; they’re all easily accessible by public transport or foot.

Positano, Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast beachside town, may be considered luxurious but it’s actually very laid-back and a great destination for solo travellers in Italy. The beach offers plenty of sunshine and restaurants stay open late into the night – making Positano an ideal summertime escape!