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Fortune 500 Companies With Graduate Scheme Jobs

Fortune 500 Companies With Graduate Scheme Jobs

When you think about the top companies in the world, you may immediately consider Fortune 500 companies as a great place to work. These companies are well known and are known to have a variety of different positions available for different backgrounds. In addition to being prestigious, these companies also have huge employment figures – Walmart alone has over 1.3 million employees in the USA and 2.2 million in the world. Therefore, these companies have a huge pool of talent, intellectual capital, and a very fruitful working environment.

Some of these companies have formal partnerships with universities. For example, the University of Washington boasts over 14,264 graduates who are currently employed by one of the top twenty Fortune 500 companies. Other notable alumni include the legendary actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the late Deputy Prime Minister of India, Lal Krishna Advani. Additionally, there are strong relationships with the tech industry in India, and many students from this university enjoy work placements at companies like Apple, AmEx, and Google.

One such company is Lockheed Martin, which provides entry-level roles in cyber security and technology fields. Their focus on high performance and innovation helps equip their employees with the necessary skills and tools to succeed in the corporate world. The company also offers a variety of growth and development opportunities to recent college graduates.

Many Fortune 500 companies offer internship opportunities. These opportunities are often project-based and offer the opportunity to put new skills to use while extending one’s network. In addition, internships serve as a farm team for the next generation of leaders. The internship programs at these companies have been in place for decades and most of them funnel into full-time jobs and post-grad development programs.