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Otter Pro Sled Travel Covers

Otter Pro Sled Travel Covers Review

Otter pro sled travel covers are made of water-resistant polyester fabric that protects gear while you transport it between ice fishing holes. Their sewn-in shock cord secures tight closure and keeps snow, slush, and mud at bay from entering your gear during transport – perfect for use on Otter Pro and Cabin sleds with fish houses and seats attached!

The Otter Sport Sled, as its name implies, is an ideal option for hand-dragging on deep or light snow years. Although lighter than its larger cousin, Pro-Sled, its sturdy frame remains substantial even when fully loaded. High sides corral gear into place during uneven treks while its rear raised wall adds extra stability when hauling up slopes.

All the sleds reviewed here utilize roto-molding, an innovative manufacturing process which produces durable, superior-to-competitor sleds in their class. Roto-molding eliminates pinch-off seams and weld lines while creating uniform wall thickness to strengthen and support stability.

Otter sleds boast one of the greatest advantages over competitors when it comes to tow hitch pockets at their front ends, designed specifically to accept pins from standard tow vehicle receivers without drilling holes into them – making setup simpler! These hitch pockets make moving your sled around more quickly on ice for set up purposes than ever.

Notably, two of the largest sleds covered here (Otter Pro Sled Large and Pelican Trek Sport 94) are too long for most pickup truck beds; therefore they require their own trailer. Both come equipped with tow hitches so you can “daisy chain” them end-to-end from one tow vehicle.

When purchasing an Otter Pro Sled Travel Cover online, be sure to always purchase from a reliable and verified seller. Scammers exist who take advantage of people unaware of their rights; make sure to read customer reviews and look up seller reputation using services like Trustpilot prior to making your decision. Also read through any shipping policy carefully as some sellers may not ship to your country.