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Operating Room Travel Nurse

Operating Room Travel Nurse

Operating room travel nurses (OR nurses), also known as OR travel nurses or OR travel RNs, specialize in the preoperative and perioperative phases of surgery. OR travel nurses work at hospitals across the country. In order to be an OR travel nurse you must first obtain your RN license by graduating from either a two or four year nursing program approved by your state Board of Nursing before passing the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

An OR travel nurse performs various responsibilities, such as sterilizing surgical instruments and equipment before use, creating patient care plans for pre-, intra-, and post-surgery patients, collaborating with surgeons and healthcare specialists on various procedures, and storing medical supplies and updating patient records.

As part of an operating room staff team of nurses and medical personnel (OR RNs, CRNAs, RNFAs, scrub nurses, surgical techs, radiology techs and biomedical technicians), you will work alongside OR RNs, CRNAs, RNFAs, scrub nurses and surgical techs – working collaboratively to ensure the safe and successful operation of every patient while providing superior healthcare services.

As an OR travel nurse, you can choose from various hospital assignments and locations. Furthermore, your career options could include neurological, robotic or cardiac surgery as specialization options; your salary will increase accordingly.

Operating room travel nurses can earn above-average salaries when compared to their counterparts in other healthcare professions, due to taking temporary OR jobs in areas with nurse shortages. Furthermore, as a travel nurse you won’t be tied down permanently and can seek better offers elsewhere later.

As an OR travel nurse, you will enjoy many excellent benefits, such as full medical and dental insurance coverage as well as accidental death and dismemberment coverage and transportation cost reimbursements. To gain more insight into the pay and perks associated with becoming an operating room travel nurse, get in touch with your healthcare recruitment agency.

Travel nursing can be one of the best ways to advance your nursing career and earn more money. In addition to offering competitive salaries, traveling nursing allows you to expand your horizons by experiencing different parts of the country while working alongside new people. So take that next step in your nursing journey now by applying for an operating room travel nurse position – your dream job might just be one click away!