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Our Generation Travel Set

Our Generation Luggage Set


Our generation dolls love traveling, and this luggage set from Our Generation makes for the ideal way for them to embark on their next journey! Featuring a suitcase and matching carry-on bags that open up to reveal travel essentials such as cat-shaped travel pillow/sleep mask/world map/pen/toiletries set and more. Kids can keep track of where they want to visit next or what they enjoyed about a particular destination by writing in a travel journal provided. A camera and sheet of stickers make playtime even more fun!

Nowhere beats home for 18-inch dolls who love exploring! Our Generation Travel Set provides everything necessary for the adventurer in them – including two suitcases and carry-on bags, travel journals, world maps, pens, neck pillows with sleep masks, music player with earbuds and headphones, toys, toiletries and much more! Licensed Our Generation product created from high-quality, safe and sustainable materials designed with love by California team at Our Generation! Ages 6 and up