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Which Sentence Most Clearly Shows External Conflict

When reading a story, it is very common to see external conflict. This is a situation in which the main character is battling against a force outside of himself or herself. This force may be an environment, a person, or a situation. For example, in To Build a Fire, Jack London’s anonymous narrator writes that he and his dog want to get married, but his father doesn’t approve of the idea. Throughout the book, we see the struggle of an individual against society, and this is one example of external conflict.

In a play, external conflict occurs between a character and something outside of themselves. In this case, a society or another person might be the enemy. In an instance of a play, the external conflict occurs when a character wishes to ask a girl out, but cannot see herself or others liking him. This is an example of a character who is not thinking clearly about his own choices. Instead, he worries about what other people will think of him.

An example of an external conflict is the plotting of the death of Caesar by Cassius, the mastermind of the plot. Although many people worry about Caesar’s rise to power, the playwrights aren’t worried and continue with the plan. In order to make the plot work, Cassius convinces Brutus that he should not even think about killing Caesar. This manipulation works because he plays on Brutus’s love for Rome.

If a character has internal conflict, they cannot accept the fact that they are not perfect. This is a common problem in playwriting and the author of the play was not afraid to point out that their characters were flawed and made mistakes. As a result, external conflict is a common theme in a play. The writer is often critical of the real-life person, and is therefore often critical of his decisions. The playwright also often criticizes his own choices, and the audience is often the victims of this criticism.

In playwriting, external conflict is a common theme. A story will have an internal conflict, but a conflict that takes place outside the character’s mind can be just as important. For example, in the play “The Crucible,” Cassius may have a secret plan to kill Caesar, but his plot revolves around the fear that he is the best man for the job. In addition, the playwrights will make his characters think about the fact that they are better than they are.

When a character is facing an external conflict, he is forced to make decisions that he doesn’t have the ability to control. This means that he cannot make a decision based on his own will. As a result, he must either sacrifice his life or the lives of his friends in order to save his own. The two characters in this situation must be able to work together to survive.

During a play, external conflict occurs when a character is battling an antagonist. The antagonist is the character’s opposition, whether it be a society member or a force that affects nature. The protagonist will not be able to resolve his conflict unless he resolves it with the assistance of the antagonist. The story will not be as exciting or gripping if the conflict is not resolved.

External conflict is a major element of the story. This adds excitement and immediacy to a story. It reveals a character’s intentions and explains why he is acting the way he does. In a play, external conflict makes it easier to relate to a character, and it can make the story more engaging. However, it is still possible to have internal conflicts between two characters. In the case of a movie, an external conflict can be a source of tension.

External conflict can occur in any situation. For example, D. Morris is trying to ask the girl he’s been crushingly in love. But, he’s not able to see the girl as he wants her to see him. Despite his attempts to convince him to go out with her, his feelings of remorse will remain untouched. He may even become more jealous of the other characters.

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