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Ffxiv Scion Traveler Set

Final Fantasy XIV Scion Traveler Set

The Final Fantasy XIV Scion Traveler Set is an essential addition to your collection! Crafted of quality leather for long-term wear, and equipped with padded sleeves to protect from elements – it makes an excellent companion for both combat and leisure activities!

The Scion Traveler’s Jacket features an embroidered Scion emblem and is handcrafted from high-grade black leather to provide maximum comfort and style for your Final Fantasy XIV character. Plus, its gooey interior ensures warmth and coziness!

This Final Fantasy XIV Scion Traveler Jacket was carefully crafted to fit all types of Scion, making it the ideal addition to your collection. Plus, you can wear it with other pieces, like its matching shirt and pants!

Scion Traveler Set Accessories. Perfectly complement any look while standing out among fellow gamers!

Purchase this Scion traveler’s jacket at any local merchant or the FFXIV shop; at least level 1 characters can purchase it.

Your journey through Kholusia continues and Eulmore comes under Vauthry’s mind control spells, leaving the city vulnerable. While investigating, Kai-Shirr alerted them of this threat and will now join their quest.

As soon as they arrive at Malikh’s Well, Ryne can sense a greater sin eater deep below and directs the party through the dungeon to where it must fight it. After defeating it and returning night back into their land, however, their bodies were filled with pain from exposure to light’s effects – both Y’shtola and Ryne worried they may never escape this place, yet found comfort from seeing their companion heal themselves so quickly Y’shtola could show them.

At Amh Araeng, the Scion travelers meet a trader and Tesleen who remembers her stories of Alisaie’s adventures. Together they begin searching for Alisaie while joining another trader’s quest to reach the ‘Inn at Journey’s Head’ of Amh Araeng.

With help from her new friend, Y’shtola uses her abilities to heal a wounded comrade while carrying him back to the Inn. They also discover that the pixie who cast the spell against them has lifted it and can now assist them in passing items through the Rift on demand!

The Exarch of the First then welcomes you to their Tower and offers you a room in their residence hall. He also introduces Feo Ul, an assistant that can help deliver messages or objects through the Rift more smoothly.