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Pinestone Travelers Rest

Travelers Rest in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Travelers Rest, founded in the 17th century, is a small town known for its quaint and homey vibe. Here, people can escape their busy and stressful lives and take some time out to unwind and appreciate nature’s splendor.

Travelers Rest’s name belies its longstanding heritage as a stopover for travelers and livestock drovers alike. At first, Cherokee Native Americans traversed the foot trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains; then came drovers bringing livestock down from over the mountains to the coast; stage coaches carrying families away to cooler mountain air during summers; finally railroads and highways brought people from far and wide through Travelers Rest.

If you want to explore the history of this charming little town, make a stop at Travelers Rest Museum and Bookstore. There, you will find artifacts that tell the captivating tale of this remarkable location and its people.

The museum and bookstore are open daily, with knowledgeable guides eager to share their expertise about the town’s past. Additionally, they can answer your questions.

They host many events throughout the year to give visitors an overview of how this town has evolved over time. I visited during September’s Trades Festival, featuring local artisans demonstrating basket weaving, fire pit cooking, soap making and more.

Another must-visit in Travelers Rest is Trailblazer Park. This urban green space near the Blue Ridge Mountains hosts various cultural presentations and celebrations that make it a great destination for families with kids.

Hikers will enjoy this quiet oasis as they take a break from city life. The trail is well marked, taking only about half an hour to complete the loop.

Take a walk through the park to take in its stunning landscape. It boasts an abundance of bird species with over 115 recorded within its boundaries.

Lolo Creek Park is a beloved hiking destination, boasting several trails that offer stunning views of Lolo Creek. Be sure to visit the Visitor’s Center and Museum for an engaging insight into Lewis and Clark Expedition replicas, Salish culture, Native American hand crafts and an old-world Main Street.

Finally, you can shop the local market for souvenirs to remember your trip by. There are many antique stores nearby that sell unique and intriguing items; be sure to stop by some of them for some inspiration.

Honey is an ideal souvenir to bring back from your trip, and for those interested in that option you can visit The Carolina Honey Bee Company. With over a century of experience under their belt, they offer superior-quality honey at reasonable prices.

If you’re in search of something more thrilling, don’t miss out on Travelers Rest Speedway. This beloved Southern tradition is definitely not for the faint of heart!