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App That Helps Travelers Claim Compensation For Flight Disruptions

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Flight Disruptions

When planning a vacation or business trip, the last thing you want to worry about is the inconvenience of delayed or canceled flights. This issue affects many travelers and may result in additional expenses as well as frustration.

Thankfully, there are a few apps that can help you stay ahead of potential delays and have an enjoyable travel day. Start by downloading the official apps for your favorite airlines and signing up for notifications about flight status. These will keep you informed in real time when things go awry during your journey.

FlightAware is the ideal app to track your flights in real-time, including cancellations and gate changes. Plus, it displays a live map of your route so you can determine how long it’ll take you to get there.

You can set up customizable flight status push alerts and notifications that will notify you when there are updates about your particular flight. Furthermore, check the “misery map” to see which airports are experiencing a high number of delays or cancellations.

AirHelp is a service that assists passengers in claiming compensation from airlines for delays and cancellations. According to the organization, this can save you money by getting you the reimbursement you are entitled to under EC261, the European Union’s air travel law which guarantees reimbursements for lost time and aggravation due to disruptions onboard an airline.

AirHelp doesn’t charge a fee up front, but 25 percent of any compensation received goes to them once they win the case. This makes AirHelp an attractive option for travelers who lack either the time or resources to pursue legal action against an airline on their own.

There are services that help travelers claim refunds or compensation for flights canceled or delayed, but first you should check with your credit card provider or insurance company. They may have built-in coverage for trip delay or cancellation, or you could look into getting an add-on or standalone travel insurance policy to cover these extra expenses.

Travel Leaders CONNECT app for iPhone is the ideal way to anticipate disruptions and guarantee seamless itinerary changes. Not only does the app notify you of any issues that may arise, but it also offers real-time chat functionality so that rearranging your itinerary if needed is as easy as changing the date or time of your trip.

The app can store important documents, like boarding passes and vaccine paperwork, for quick retrieval when traveling. You may even store your hotel reservation, car rental info and itineraries within the app for easy access while away.

Do NotPay can also assist you in filing a travel compensation claim if you’re having issues with an airline or travel agency. This app provides comprehensive information about airline policies, such as what compensation is owed for lost luggage, cancelled or delayed flights and more.