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Travel Pee Bottle

Travel Pee Bottle – A Handy Way to Relieve Yourself Away From Home

Travel pee bottles are handy devices that allow you to relieve yourself conveniently away from home without leaving your tent. Climbers who consume lots of water as part of their acclimatization efforts often need to go to the toilet frequently – particularly during sleep! Instead of leaving your tent to do this every time, use a pee bottle – an easy-use receptacle which screws onto water bottles – instead.

On our website, there is a wide variety of portable urine bottles designed for both men and women, many of them specifically tailored to each gender. Most have an angled neck and aperture to aid with liquid containment; these products can either be used standing up or securely hanging off of bed rails during nighttime use. They may even come equipped with one-way valves to reduce leakage risk while translucent designs help monitor output more effectively.

If selecting a plastic urine bottle, it is advisable to opt for one with graduated markings that facilitate effortless measuring of output. A wide base will help the bottle remain steady when used and may also offer increased safety and convenience features like being resealable or featuring a snap-closure lid.

Most portable urine bottles are constructed of plastic and can be autoclaved for thorough hygienic cleaning, or hand-cleaned with soap and hot water for regular maintenance. Regular cleaning should be performed to avoid build-up of odors, germs and bacteria; you can purchase a urinal spray to quickly eliminate odors instantly!