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Oliver Peoples The Row

Oliver Peoples x The Row Eyewear Collection

Oliver Peoples has teamed up with The Row to bring us the next generation of luxury eyewear. This limited collection of eyewear fuses the label’s sleek ethos with a Southern California sensibility. Among the collection’s must-haves is the aviator-approved Aero – a nod to the label’s iconic pilot style design. Featuring signature titanium engraving and custom glass lenses, this understated classic will have you feeling like a jet-setting pilot, minus the odious smog and traffic.

There are four styles to choose from, the aforementioned Aero, a classic Panto design in the guise of a modern day sports car and the gaffog. Of these, the Aero is the most interesting. Among other things, it’s the most expensive model in the collection, and its most coveted iteration, the aforementioned aviator. For a brand renowned for a penchant for unisex moxie, the re-imagining of the storied golden eagle may just be its most enticing moment to date. In fact, it’s a slam dunk for a savvy shopper snob.

In the spirit of the partnership, Oliver Peoples and The Row have rolled out a menswear line as well. On top of the collection’s limited selection of sunglasses, The Row has opted to do a limited run of limited edition eyewear. These are a must-have for any fan of the label’s illustrious legacy. Fortunately, they’re not available in stores just yet. But the wait is definitely worth it. With an eye on the future, the two labels have already enlisted the help of a slew of high profile designers to join the fray.