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Outward Fast Travel

Fast Travel in Outward

Nine Dots Studios’ underwhelming trailblazer Outward recently received the Definitive Edition upgrade, adding gameplay adjustments as well as two DLC (The Three Brothers and The Soroboreans). While The Soroboreans offers story expansion, players are most excited by its fast travel feature in Outward.

Fast travel in video games is often disregarded, yet its presence can make the experience of playing all that much better. By providing an efficient means of traveling between quest locations or simply to explore another part of the map quickly, fast travel makes the game far more convenient and developers should embrace this feature more freely when designing games.

Fast travel is key in Outward, helping reduce the time you spend exploring its vast map. While the base game provided plenty of ground to cover, reaching Cierzo from Ancient Plateau or New Sirocco could take hours; DLC released earlier this year helped address this problem by offering more cities and locations to explore.

Before using fast travel in Outward, however, there are a few things you must first know. Most importantly, it is necessary to know where it can be found; one quick and effective method for fast travel in Outward is approaching Soroborean caravaneers randomly appearing throughout the world and appearing in every major city – approaching them will allow for fast travel to any of those cities for 200 Silver plus some rations.

Outward offers various ways for fast travel, but each involves some degree of risk. If you attempt to fast travel while engaged in combat with enemies or bosses, the odds increase to 1/5 that you may die and/or sacrifice equipment during fast travel.

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