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Bts Reaction To You Having Big Chest

You’re not the only one wondering how bts will react to a large chest. Many reasons men are attracted by big chests include many. Here are some examples. You might even be surprised! Here are some tips to make men fall in love with your big chest! Hopefully you’ll find the right guy for you! Whether you’re gay, straight, or anything in between, you can find a guy who’ll swoon over your chest.

You’ve probably heard it before: the BTS guys are generally cool, but the reaction is different if you have a really big chest. Namjoon will, for instance, only look at your chest when someone mentions it. He’ll then try to make it seem like he doesn’t know. If you have a large chest, expect him tease about it. But be careful, he won’t do it if it’s not his!

When you have a big chest, it can be annoying when guys talk about it. BTS members are usually friendly to girls with large chests and will not mind being compared to the size of theirs. It’s also fun to see what a girl’s reaction is if she tells a guy about her chest size. It’s impossible to predict when a guy might start comparing your chest to his.