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Ayaka And Traveller

Ayaka – The Princess of the Kamisato Clan

Ayaka, princess of the Kamisato clan, is an ardent worker who takes pride in her job. However, sometimes Ayaka gets bored with her strict routine and longs to spend time with friends, drinking tea and playing music.

She cherishes the company of her femfriends Thoma and Lumine, whom she considers dearest friends despite their different social statuses. In fact, she even considers them to be her brothers!

Ayaka has long been known for her fierce loyalty towards her siblings, and she holds Thoma in particular close to her heart. She often expresses how much she adores him, even going so far as to refer to him as her “second brother”.

Lumine is renowned for her femfriendship with Ayaka, and they share a sweet bond. She has become immensely popular within the Genshin Impact fandom, with plenty of fanart depicting them together having fun.

Kaeya is renowned for her femfriendships with Ayaka and has gained immense fandom following. In the official Genshin Impact webtoon, she even appears to have a crush on Aether.

Chongyun makes an excellent teammate for Ayaka, as his Elemental Burst can deal substantial damage and possibly inflict the Cryo elemental effect. Additionally, his Hydro application continuously applies Hydro onto enemies to provide constant coverage.

Bennett makes an ideal teammate for Ayaka, as his Pyro skill can heal her while increasing her damage output. Furthermore, his high Melt skill deals significant damage to enemies, making him the ideal match for her.

Ayaka can gain advantage from the 4-Blizzard Strayer artifact, as it grants her freezing powers while increasing Elemental Resonance. This will boost Ayaka’s DMG and prevent enemies from being affected by Electro.

Her Elemental Burst unleashes a devastating wave of Icy Wind that deals massive damage to enemies it strikes. Additionally, it slows down their movement so she can land multiple hits and inflict Cryo on them.

She has an incredibly powerful Alternate Sprint that can traverse water, making her an invaluable character on exploration teams. Furthermore, by using her dash and staying near opponents, she can apply a small amount of Cryo to them; if you can master this mechanic properly, it could help take out more enemies faster!

Mona is an ideal teammate for Ayaka, as her Elemental Skill can deal a substantial amount of damage while continuously applying Hydro to enemies. Additionally, Mona’s Electro skill provides considerable defense to her teammates, making her an excellent choice to follow behind with.

Ayaka’s Elemental Burst is one of the most powerful in the game, and she can use it to deal a substantial amount of damage and inflict the Cryo Effect on her opponents. Additionally, Ayaka boasts an impressive set of Constellations which help her deal more damage and boost stamina recovery. While Ayaka may occasionally miss a cooldown, overall she offers players plenty of options when it comes to attacks and rotations!