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Dollhouse Little People

Little People Dollhouse

The Little People brand has a rich history dating back to late 1965, but its heyday was the ’70s and early ’80s. They have produced a wide range of playsets, including the requisite houses and barns, as well as a slew of cars, boats, and trucks. Some of the more elaborate sets feature vehicles of a more contemporary nature, like a mini-snowmobile or a ginormous jet pack.

There’s no denying that the Little People brand has been a good steward to the toy industry, and a slew of top-tier playsets have earned the aforementioned company a spot in the toy cupboards of generations past. While there is no shortage of choices, a few are better than others. For instance, a wooden toy house is a nice gesture for parents and kids alike, and the wood itself is a great craft material. It’s also the niftiest, albeit on the smaller side, and the parts can stand up to a little toddler abuse.

It’s worth noting that the Little People name is synonymous with a variety of other companies, as well, but its flagship line of toys remains one of the most popular amongst families. In addition to the aforementioned A-frame, Fisher-Price also boasts an impressive selection of playsets, with themes ranging from action to water to kitchen. The most popular are the Farm or Fair, the Chalet and the Garage. Other less expensive options are the Action House, the Utility House and the Mini-Snowmobile. The aforementioned Big Helpers home features a variety of clever feats like an elevator and a crank up garage door.