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Scottsdale Arts Grant Application

Scottsdale Arts Grant Application

Scottsdale Arts is proud to support local artists and organizations through the Community Arts Grant Program. This unique funding opportunity enables nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Scottsdale to develop projects that benefit our local community using a competitive process, with funds awarded based on recommendations by an independent Community Arts Grant Panel; funding comes directly from City of Scottsdale via Scottsdale Arts’ management services agreement.

Scottsdale Arts provides more than just its Community Arts Grant program – we also offer funding opportunities through Featured Artist, Sculpture Garden and Education Grant programs to support creative industries and provide additional funding opportunities to support them. To discover these programs and more visit our website.

Grant money can be an invaluable resource to artists, community organizers, and business owners alike. Grants come from different sources such as nonprofits, individual philanthropies, museums and universities – these grants may help cover costs such as workshops, rentals of theaters or cinemas, providing supplies for sculpture projects or hiring an audio engineer. The City of Scottsdale’s Community Arts Grant program can assist by making these investments into your artistic or community service project at no extra cost to you!

Scottsdale boasts an extensive collection of public art, with more than 1,155 works displayed throughout municipal buildings, libraries and parks in Scottsdale. These works range from mahogany woodcarvings depicting Chaplain Winfield Scott on Early Scottsdale Street to the mesmerizing stainless steel sculpture called “Embrace,” located in Civic Center courtyard.

The City of Scottsdale allocates one percent (1% of their approved budget) towards public art for each municipally-owned building or site, as well as private developments visible from streets, sidewalks, or public spaces that require contributions for visibility reasons. Scottsdale Public Art plays an integral part of fostering a sense of place, honoring our heritage, and building our distinctive identity as a community.

To apply for a Community Arts grant, all applicant organizations are required to submit their financial data through DataArts (formerly Cultural Data Project). For information on creating your Funder Report click here. Additionally, in order to apply for general operating support or project/micro-project grants a Project Budget form is also required which contains narrative detailing income and expenses over the duration of proposed project; click here for an example project budget form.