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Peoples Bank Flemingsburg Kentucky

Peoples Bank of Flemingsburg Kentucky

If you’re in the market for a new bank, you may be considering the peoples bank of Fleming county, which claims to be the oldest bank in the state. The good news is that they have an online banking portal as well. You can deposit and withdraw money from this Kentucky bank using your online banking account or with a debit card. This bank is a full service bank, which means it will help you out from start to finish.

The Peoples Bank is not only a bank, but a community lender. Their products and services include home mortgage loans, home equity lines of credit, auto loans, and personal and business loans. They also provide a myriad of other financial services to their customers. For example, they have a loan officer on call to assist you with your mortgage needs.

The Peoples Bank is actually located at 106 South Main Street in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. They are open Monday through Saturday, but it is best to get there in the morning or evening, as they close early on weekends. The staff are friendly and will gladly explain your bank’s many offerings to you. The branch features a modern office space and the modern amenities you’d expect of a bank with a sterling reputation.