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Little People Fire Station

Little People Fire Station Review

The Fisher-Price Play Family B928A Firestation Base is a red brick simulated fire station complete with windows and doors and a hefty yellow frame on the front door. It also boasts a large yellow door on the opposite side, a nifty nozzle and a ladder. The base measures 10-3/8″ wide x 8-3/8″ tall and comes in at a very reasonable price.

It’s not too hard to find a cheap ‘n cheerful Little People fire station these days, but finding the best is a different story. To the uninitiated, the Fisher-Price Play Family B928A has a bit of everything, from a ladder to an actual working bell. This particular fire station is in very good condition, but if it were me, I’d be looking at the ol’ dog pile in search of a worthy successor.

There’s a reason why the play station and its accessories are so rare. While the little engine that could was always a staple of the Little People line, the big gun in the form of the aforementioned fire station, is one of the few things the brand has managed to hold on to. In the past decade, we’ve spotted a few straggling examples, but the relics are hard to come by. That said, a spirited hunt can still be had, and in the process, aficionados will undoubtedly be rewarded with the fruits of their labor. A few years ago, we found a couple of these vintage wonders, which are thankfully intact and in very good shape. We’re hoping they’ll make the move to a new home where they can enjoy their finest years!

With its many useful features and clever nuances, the Play Family B928A Firestation Base has a place in every Little People fan’s heart. From the fun fluttering door handles to the gleaming chrome hoses to the large windows on the sides, there’s an endless array of things to play with inside.