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Teledyne Acoustic Research Ar15

Teledyne Acoustic Research AR15 Owner’s Manual

Whether you’re an acoustic researcher looking to improve your listening experience or a consumer wanting to know how to choose the right acoustic instrument, you’ll find a wealth of information in this guide. In it, you’ll learn more about the Teledyne Acoustic Research AR15 and the features it offers, including a quick reference guide to help you decide if it’s the right instrument for your needs.


Inventor, researcher and audio-electronics teacher Edgar Villchur established Acoustic Research, Inc. to produce an inexpensive $185 model AR-1. This acoustic suspension system used a high-frequency tweeter and dome midrange unit for high-fidelity sound reproduction. The company later produced the AR-4, a smaller, “bookshelf” speaker.

Acoustic Research was the world’s second largest supplier of branded loudspeakers when it was purchased by Teledyne in 1967. The company remained in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for 22 years.

Acoustic Research’s initial product was the AR-1, which used the acoustic suspension principle. It also had wide dispersion and a reasonable price. The company’s advertising emphasized technical information and endorsements from well-known musicians and other personalities. It also featured Virgil Thomson, an acoustic engineer.

The company continued its product development after 1989. They also produced headphones and a smaller “bookshelf” speaker, the AR-4. Its advertising focused on reviews from impartial critics, a strategy that was distinct from its competitors’ sensationalistic ads.

Technical specifications

Using the latest in technology, Acoustic Research AR15 speakers can produce impressive sound for their small size. While the speakers are a little heavier than the average bookshelf model, they are still light enough to be used on a desk. They also have good aesthetics, with a cast aluminum cabinet. The speakers are also easy to assemble and have all the necessary input connectors. They also come with original foam surrounds. They have a minor tear, but they are in good cosmetic condition.

The AR14 woofer is a relic of the days when they were designing speakers to compete with the likes of large Advent. It was designed to deliver plenty of bass and lower the system’s resonance. The best part is that it did the trick and more.

Customer reviews

Quite simply, the Acoustic Research AR-15 is one of the best sounding bookshelf speakers I have ever heard, and I have owned and sold dozens of them over the years. The speaker is well made, and the quality is more than worth the price. The model was one of the best sellers in my local high-end electronics store, so I am not surprised that I have sold more than a dozen of them! I would recommend this model to anyone, young and old alike, as it is a quality product that can stand the test of time.

While the AR-15 is not for everyone, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their speakers. The model has a two year warranty, and it’s a steal at only $300.

Owner’s manual

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to the Acoustic Research AR-15 or you just want to learn more about your new loudspeaker, the Owner’s Manual for the Teledyne AR-15 can help. It’s easy to download and offers instant access to a wealth of information. The manual includes information about the components, maintenance, installation, troubleshooting and more. You’ll also learn how to operate the speaker and how to fuse it. The fusing information is presented on two pages and includes the use of FNM fuses, which are made by Eaton / Cooper Industries / Bussman.

If you need assistance with the fuses or anything else related to your speaker, Acoustic Research also offers a list of approved independent service contractors. The company also offers a full five-year warranty. The manual also includes a list of spare parts, including the grilles and logo plates. And if you have any questions, Acoustic Research customers are more than willing to help.