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What Did One Eye Say To The Other Eye

What did one eye tell the other? The answer is simple – it said something smells. It also indicated that it was time for a new clock. This question is so common that many people have asked the same thing. How does one eye see what the other is thinking? Here are some examples. Read on for the answer. You’ll find a fun story. What did the One Eye Say to the other Eye?

The elbow and the eyeball were first friends. The latter thought the other was smart. Despite their friendship, the eyeball had high eyes-Q and thought the elbow was smart as well. The eyeball also had to wear glasses as he couldn’t focus on his homework. He was ex-eye-ted because he accidentally rubbed some ketchup in to his eyes. He soon regretted it in Heinzsight. Although the story was funny, it taught us an important lesson: It’s important to see what our eyes can see.

Their friendship lasted just a few hours when they became friends for the first time. Their friendship was ended when one eye slapped at the other. This is a true story that will make you laugh and roll on your face. Another classic example of a joke involving eyes is the one where the pupil fought with the eyelash because it needed money to buy a lens. The next time you’re in an optometrist’s office, keep these eye jokes close by.