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Signs God Is Protecting You From A Bad Relationship

Signs God is Protecting You From a Bad Relationship

Have you noticed that the person you were seeing seems to be flirting with someone else? Perhaps the person you like is actually dating someone else. Whatever the case, there are some signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship. Here are some examples. They might be worth looking for. If you have been neglecting them, pray. These prayers can be very helpful in preventing a toxic relationship.

God uses other people for warning or scolding

You might have been warned or scolded by someone. For no apparent reason, you feel anxious around this person. Then you realize you’ve messed up in some way. That is the Holy Spirit using another person to warn or scold you. But it’s not that simple. You must learn to hear it and act on it.

God can create distance between two partners

You should not be in a relationship that you don’t know. Sometimes, distance can be the best way to avoid a bad relationship. God can create distance through a variety of ways. Distance can be both physical and emotional. It can be created by moving to another city. In some cases, God will create distance between two partners to protect you from a bad relationship.

God is a stronghold against toxic relationships

When someone in your life is a toxic person, you’re more likely to be a victim than a survivor. The reason is simple: a toxic person will lie more than they tell the truth, and will do so to convince you they had no choice. They will then attempt to cover up the lies they tell and feign remorse if they are caught. The Bible is clear that God hates liars. Proverbs 6-19 lists seven things that the Lord hates about his people. King Saul was a prime example of this kind of person.

It’s important to remember God can help you when a relationship becomes toxic. God can save you and heal your relationship. He knows what you need, and He can do this by blocking toxic relationships. Remember, He is a good father. He will protect you from harm, but He’ll also have a better plan for your life. In this way, you’re not forced into a bad situation. God will never leave you or forsake you.

To avoid toxic relationships, it is best to stay away. God is able to see the red flags that indicate that you are in a toxic relationship. If a person is arguing with you, he or she might show another side of himself when he gets angry. God’s love can protect from toxic relationships, regardless of whether you are intoxicated or in a relationship.

In toxic relationships, resentment and mistrust are fueled by unmet needs. Arguments will follow. If you are in a toxic relationship, your partner will not be able handle the problems that arise in your relationship. This will lead to resentment, anger, and a breakdown in the relationship. It is important to recognize that you are a contributor to the toxic effects.