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Wheel Of Fortune 1999

The Wheel of Fortune 1999

The Wheel of Fortune is a game in which contestants compete for cash and prizes. There are 96 puzzles to solve and a wheel that you can spin. The set includes a wheel spinner, a board puzzle and 48 cards with 96 word puzzles. It also contains a rules booklet as well as a letter pad.

The game show was first aired on NBC on January 6, 1975. Originally, the show was hosted by Merv Griffin. Later, it shifted to CBS for about 18 months. The game is based upon Hangman, a children’s game similar to word games like “find the hidden pic”. The show’s letters are worth cash and the winning number is determined using a wheel. The show has also featured references to Muppet characters and projects.

Each week, the show offers four bonus rounds. During the bonus rounds, the host will open an envelope and reveal a prize. The prizes can be cash or vehicles. The lowest prize is $1,000 multiplied by the number of seasons, while $100,000 is the highest prize. The bonus rounds have certain restrictions.