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Chiquis Rivera House

Chiquis Rivera Buys a House in California

Chiquis Rivera has bought a new residence in Northridge, California. The property is valued at $ 3 million, and it features five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and a swimming pool. The property is fully furnished with all the modern conveniences and comforts that a person needs for a comfortable stay.

Chiquis Rivera is the daughter of Jenni Rivera, who died at the age of 43. The singer had purchased the home in 2009, and lived there for three years before her death in Mexico. The children of Jenni Rivera posted pictures of her home on social media, and the children of the late singer staged it for the sale.

Chiquis Rivera was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1985. She is an actress, singer, entrepreneur, and television personality. Her music genres include Latin Pop and Regional Mexican. She has a net worth of $1-5 million. She also has a daughter and son.

The Chiquis Rivera house is located in Indian Springs, CA, which is an unincorporated town in Los Angeles County. The property is worth 3.2 million dollars. Chiquis Rivera house is located in the same town as Jenni Rivera. She and her husband have five children together.

According to her Facebook page, the house is being sold for $4 million. Besides, her daughter is already dating photographer Emilio Sanchez. Moreover, there is a possibility that her daughter is already dating Lorenzo’s supposed girlfriend with the same name as her. Aside from this, the Chiquis Rivera house has other problems too, including a lack of privacy.

Chiquis Rivera is a very religious person. She grew up attending her grandmother’s church. When she was 15, she raised her younger brother as her own. The two remain friends. Chiquis Rivera is also a Christian and a member of the Presbyterian Church. They are very close and have known each other for many years.

The Chiquis house was built in 2010. It measures 3,507 square feet and has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also has a living room, dining room, and TV room. It also has an office and garage. The kitchen has white cabinets and high-end appliances. The central island can function as a breakfast area.