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Shrine Of Oceans Fortune Journals

Shrine of Oceans Fortune Journals

The shrine’s entrance is the location of the first journal. After setting up a platform to the right of the prison door, the journal is a short distance forward. It is located near some bio-luminescent alga and a lever. You can also find the journal near a statue depicting a mermaid.

Five journals make up the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune. Each journal contains secrets. The Mystery of the Shrine of Oceans Fortune award will be given to the player who has read all five journals. Players must solve puzzles throughout the Shrine to find each journal. There are three journals on each floor: one on the lower level, one on the middle floor and one on the top.

The journal contains a map of the ocean. It also contains instructions on how to collect the items inside it. The goal is to find and give the treasure to the Merfolk Statues. It is important to keep a journal, which can help you make informed decisions on your journey. Completing other missions in the Shrine will allow you to collect more treasure.

The Shrine of Oceans Fortune contains treasures and wrecked ships. The Sea Queen and her kind are fierce warriors, and many of the Ancients’ largest vessels were destroyed during battle. Although the Sea Queen may view the ships as trophies from battle, her mind is clouded by hate.

The first journal can be found near the shrine entrance on the floor to your right. The second journal can be found on the floor to the left of the large coral lever. The third journal can be found after defeating the Coral Skeletons and the second anchor. Once the three journals are located, the third journal will reveal the third secret and complete the quest.