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Sierra Madre Research

Sierra Madre Research Review

Sierra Madre Research is a start-up company founded by Richard and Juli Dawson. The company creates quality camping gear with an emphasis on hammocks and canopies. Richard is a self-described “gear snob” who invented the hammock upon his return from an expedition in 2010. He developed the first prototypes using his second-hand Sears sewing machine.

The company sells high-quality outdoor gear and donates a percentage of its profits to clean water sources in Central America. The company has generated many sales without a marketing campaign, because customers were appreciative of the quality of the products and appreciated the company’s philanthropic mission. One customer even requested that the company give him a 15% stake in the company.

Sierra Madre Research has more than 14,000 Facebook fans and is a popular company among campers and hikers. They also have a website with more information about their humanitarian project. Sierra Madre Research also organizes free camping weekends in the United States to promote their humanitarian mission. Sierra Madre Research will provide clean water for Central American people in need with every product sold.

Richard Rhett started his hammock development journey in 2009, when he traveled to Honduras. He was shocked to see the need to provide clean drinking water, and was inspired to help. In addition, he wanted to find a way to improve his life as a missionary. The idea of a hammock camping equipment was a perfect marriage of his two objectives.

The company makes an excellent selection of camping gear and has an impressive humanitarian mission. It also sells affordable camping supplies. Its tents are waterproof, which helps make them a great choice in all seasons. Their mission is to solve problems and help the world. In addition to providing quality camping equipment, Sierra Madre Research also donates to water drilling projects.

Sierra Madre Research also manufactures hammock shelters. These shelters can be used in conjunction with hammocks and provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. These shelters are lightweight and easy-to-carry and provide cold weather protection. For cold weather protection, hammocks can be purchased with insulated sleeping bags.