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Goon Of Fortune

Goon of Fortune

Goon of Fortune is a drinking game that’s fun for any group of people. It’s popular in New Zealand and Australia and involves cheap cask wine and a group of players. This drinking game is a clever parody of the popular Wheel of Fortune game. It’s best played with a group of at least six people.

The Goon of Fortune drinking game originated in Australia. It takes the basic idea of the Wheel of Fortune game and replaces the word Wheel with the word “Goon.” The aim of the game is to drink as much wine as possible while pinning a plastic bag onto a rotating clothesline. When the bag stops, the player who is under it must take a large chug of wine.

The game is played with clothesline. The first person to peg the clothesline with a full goon is the “goon”. The next person to drink when the clothesline stops spinning is the “closest”. Then, everyone else spins the goon. This process continues until one person is left standing. Players can put more than one goon on at a time.

There are many different versions of the Goon of Fortune drinking game. Some people add their own rules to it. One way is to make it more challenging by making each person stand on one leg after a certain number of spins. If they fail to do so, they are “out” of the game.