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Aer Travel Kit

Aer Travel Kit 2 Review

Once you’re packing to go, stock up on all the essential travel gear you’ll need. From packing cubes and pillows to a folding laundry net and water bottle, these items can make traveling easier while still fitting into your luggage easily.

Since 2007, Aer has been the go-to brand for travel gear. Their backpacks are made with quality materials to provide durability and long life – ideal for carrying all your necessities or using as a stand-in bag when out and about. With Aer, you don’t just get all your items carried; these backpacks can also serve as storage when not in use.

The Aer 35L Travel Pack 3 features 1680D CORDURA black nylon construction and sturdy YKK zippers and pulls. This update has some improvements, such as a more symmetric strap layout and sleeker Fidlock magnetic fastener.

This bag is the ideal travel companion to keep all your toiletries organized while on-the-go, featuring a handy hook you can hang it anywhere. Inside are pockets for toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions and creams as well as other personal toiletries so it’s easy to locate what you need when needed.

Something about this bag just doesn’t feel quite right. There’s a gray liner inside which collects dirt and stains from toothpaste and lotion – not an enormous issue, but it does take away from the Travel Kit 2’s overall cleanliness.

The main compartment features a spacious 28 liter lay flat storage capacity that’s perfect for 2-3 days’ worth of overnight supplies, plus cushioning to protect your items from bumps and knocks. The front zipped pocket also includes an integrated key hook as well as cushioned compartments to manage small tools and documents.

This bag is one of the few in its price range that features a top handle for carrying. That’s nice, but we’d prefer to see an adjustable seatbelt-like strap that can keep the bag securely on your back during long trips.

Another improvement to the interior is a larger front pocket, which will enable you to store larger bottles like toiletries, makeup, and other accessories with ease.

Aer’s Travel Kit is an ideal gift idea for anyone who enjoys to travel and organize their toiletries. It’s durable and available in various colors, making sure there’s one that matches the recipient’s personal style perfectly.

The Aer Travel Wallet is a useful way to ensure all important documents, passports and cash are always with you when travelling. It has plenty of space for everything you need but can be difficult to access passports and cash without opening the whole bag.