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In California, What Time Does The Sunrise?

Southern California, California, USA — Sunrise, Sunset, And Daylength, August 2021

Current Time: Aug 10, 2021, AT 5:22:43 PM
Sun Distance: 94.211 Million Mi
Next Equinox: Sep 22, 2021 12:21 PM (Autumnal)
Sunrise Today: 6:05 AM↑ 71° East
Sunset Today: 7:39 PM↑ 289° West

When Does The Sunset In California During The Summer?

In The Summer, When Does The Sunset In Los Angeles?

Position Of The Sun Time Of Day
Sunset 7:08 P.M.
Civil Twilight Ends The Sun’s Center Is 6° Below The Horizon 7:37 P.M.
Nautical Twilight Ends The Sun’s Center Is 12° Below The Horizon 8:13 P.M.
Astronomical Twilight Ends The Sun’s Center Is 18° Below The Horizon 8:52 P.M.

On What Days Does California Have 12 Hours Of Daylight And 12 Hours Of Darkness?

The Autumnal Equinox occurs in September (Approximately September 22-23) On the two equinoxes, there are 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness at all locations on the earth’s surface.

In California, Why Does It Become Dark So Early?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the earth’s rotation, therefore the farther east you travel, the earlier the sun rises. As a result, the sun rises sooner in Georgia than it does in California in one sense.

What Is The Average Number Of Hours Of Sunshine In Southern California?

The average number of hours of sunshine per year is 3348 (out of a possible 4383), with an average of 9:09 every day. 76.4 percent of the daytime hours are sunny.

What Causes The Darkness?

The sun’s light shoots outward, illuminating every part of our solar system to the point that the area surrounding the sun is virtually completely illuminated. However, there are some gloomy corners. Planets, moons, and other objects in orbit around the sun cast shadows on these. It’s dark when you confront the gloom.

What Time Does The Sunrise In California City?

On Sunday, June 20, 2021, at 8:32 p.m. in California City, the June Solstice (Summer Solstice) will occur. This day has 4 hours and 44 minutes more daylight than the December Solstice. The longest day of the year comes at this time in most places north of the Equator. The first dawn of the year comes on June 12th.

After Daylight Savings Time, When Does It Start To Grow Dark?

After Daylight Saving Time, we’ll put our clocks back an hour, and it will begin to become dark. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s past time for us to start preparing.

What Time Do The Sun And Moon Rise And Set In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, California, United States of America — Today’s Sunrise, Sunset, and Moon Phases Time now is 12:31:06 a.m. on May 14, 2021. Today’s sunrise is at 5:51 a.m. 67 degrees east Today’s sunset is at 7:47 p.m. 294 degrees north-northwest Today’s Moonrise occurs at 7:47 a.m. Today’s moonset is at 60 degrees northeast at 10:43 p.m. 301 degrees north-northwest


What Is The Current Position Of The Sun In Los Angeles?

The Day and Night Planet Map shows the current location of the Sun as well as where it is night and day throughout the world at any one moment. Today’s Sun altitude in Los Angeles. The horizon is represented by the horizontal line, while the dawn and sunset periods are shown by the vertical lines.

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