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Biggest Fortune Teller

How to Make the Biggest Fortune Teller

In a film called Big, an unnamed machine named the Biggest Fortune Teller appears in a fairground. It tells people their fortunes for 10 rupees. However, the machine is not the only one with the power to influence lives. Another machine that can influence lives is the Sparrot, a Skyward sword fortune teller. He will tell you where to find treasures and your future if you pay him ten rupees.

You can also make a giant fortune teller with origami paper. You will need a square piece paper. You can use construction paper to make a colorful fortune teller. To make the paper fortune teller, tear diagonally from the corners of the paper. Next, fold the square in half from each side. Keep the flaps in the middle of the paper. Then, write your fortune underneath each flap.