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Oliver Peoples O Malley

Oliver Peoples O’Malley 5183 1003 47 22

Whether you are looking for an eye-catching pair of shades or are in the market for a full set, the Oliver Peoples O’Malley 5183 1003 47 22 is one of the best ways to ensure your eyes are safe and sound. These glasses feature a lightweight acetate frame and 41mm polarized glass lenses that offer a whopping 100% UVA protection. In addition, the OV5183 also boasts a keyhole bridge that makes it easy on your eyes and a microfibre lens cloth to boot. It is also available in several color choices. You can find out more about this and other Oliver Peoples eyewear at the brand’s website. You can even take advantage of the company’s complimentary domestic shipping option.

Despite being a multi-year old company, Oliver Peoples has managed to maintain an air of exclusivity. As such, the brand’s flagship collection is handcrafted in Japan using premium materials and technologies. As you can imagine, the glasses are of the highest quality and are sure to last for years to come. You can buy the latest incarnation of these classics from the Oliver Peoples online store. Aside from its classic frames, the brand also produces a number of edgy and fashionable sunglass collections. The O’Malley is one of the more popular brands within the collection and is available in a number of understated colors. These edgy sunglasses are a must have for any modern day fashionista. The O’Malley’s most obvious attribute is its blond acetate frame, which is not found in many other sunglass brands. It also boasts a keyhole bridge that is a nod to the brand’s history and a corresponding 5-barrel hinge. These frames also come with a manufacturer warranty and are accompanied by the finest quality microfibre lens cloth. The company also offers free international shipping and a generous return policy.

While it is impossible to truly judge whether or not the Oliver Peoples O’Malley ominous is for you, the company’s other eyewear lines should provide a similar plethora of styles to choose from. From sleek aviators to funky cat-eyes, the O’Malley is sure to be a staple in your sunglass wardrobe for years to come. With such a selection of slick frames to choose from, it’s not hard to pick out the perfect pair of eyewear to match your look and your lifestyle.