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Eppendorf Research Plus

The Eppendorf Research Plus Pipette

The Eppendorf Research plus combines 50 years of innovation in liquid handling with ergonomics and ease of use. Its lightweight design and spring-loaded tip cone ensure low tip attachment and ejection forces. Additionally, it features autoclavability and is available in both fixed-volume and multichannel versions.

PhysioCare concept

The Eppendorf Research plus is an air-cushion pipette with adjustable volume and a spring-loaded tip cone that reduces stress and force on the hands. The pipette has a simple, ergonomic design and has four tip sizes, ranging from 10 to 1000 uL.

The pipette is made of a special polymer called Fortron, which is highly resistant to a variety of chemicals and is extremely safe to use. The pipette is also equipped with a SOFTeject feature, which minimizes operator strain.

xPIPETTE multichannel pipette

The Eppendorf Research plus multichannel pipette is a top-quality liquid handling tool with over 60 years of experience in the industry. It is ultra-lightweight, ergonomic and highly accurate. Whether you’re measuring the concentration of an ingredient or analyzing a sample, you can depend on this pipette to deliver precise results every time.

The Research plus and Move It pipettes offer adjustable tip spacing and do not need tubing connections. The pipettes also have fewer moving parts and reduced air cushions to improve precision. The pipette’s 360-degree rotatable head makes it easy to read the display with a relaxed body position. You can also easily identify all of the parameters.

SOFTeject technology

The SOFTeject technology in the Eppendorf Research Plus pipette allows users to eject a sample from the pipette without removing the pipette from its attachment. This feature makes the pipette easier to use and reduces strain on the arms and hands. This technology is available in both fixed-volume and multichannel pipettes.

This patented technology reduces tip ejection force by up to 50%. The pipette has an ergonomic design with a smooth, low-weight design. Moreover, its user interface is easy to use. This helps users adapt the pipette to their work environment and ensure optimal lab workflow.

Spring-loaded tip cone

The new spring-loaded tip cone on the Eppendorf Research plus pipette ensures a better fit and minimizes operating forces. These pipettes also feature an improved volume display and secondary adjustment options. In addition, they are ultra-light and autoclavable. They are available in single and multi-channel configurations.

The Eppendorf Research plus pipettes come in eight, sixteen, and twenty-four-channel models. The eight-channel model features a spring-loaded tip cone for consistent sample pickup on all channels. This pipette offers a volume of 1,200 uL.

Easy to clean

The Research plus pipette is simple to clean. The lower part of the pipette should be rinsed regularly. You can remove the lower part by following the instructions in the operating manual. The pipette can also be cleaned using a UV lamp. To do this, you should place the pipette on a sterile bench. The distance between the lamp and the pipette should be about 60 cm.

The Eppendorf Research plus pipette features a spring-loaded tip cone. It also has an improved volume display, is ultra-light, and is fully autoclavable. It is available in a fixed-volume and multichannel option.

Gravimetric test

The Eppendorf Research plus has been designed to fit into the criteria of the company’s PhysioCare Concept (r) for the ultimate durability and ease of use. It is equipped with an ergonomic design and 16 or 24 channel pipette system. This new generation of piping instruments brings proven concepts together with new innovation.

It is easy to use and has an ultra-light design. It features an improved volume display, a spring-loaded tip cone, and autoclave-safe materials. Its high-quality design has earned it the Bronze Seal of Quality, which is given to only 0.1 percent of products with the highest user ratings.