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Fortuna De Saddam Hussein

The Fortune of Saddam Hussein

From 1979 to 2003, Saddam Hussein was Iraq’s leader. He was executed without any tears. The last video footage of him is when he refuses to wear his capuche and doesn’t shed a single tear. He is then killed by US forces. The second video was captured by someone below the andamio. It depicts Saddam Hussein’s final moments. The second video also features his daughter, Raghad Hussein.

The alleged money was found in 100-dollar bills. The money is believed that it was held by corrupt ONU officials, norteamerican troops, and CIA agents. This information is not confirmed. Despite these reports, many people still believe in Sadam’s fortune.

In fact, the former president of Iraq was a brutal dictator who ruled the country for three decades. He waged two terrible wars, reduced Iraq into a police state, executed his own children, and ruled the country for three decades. Human rights organizations have documented countless acts of torture and massacring by the regime.

Saddam is also said to have used much of the money from his oil exports for his personal use. He invested this money in foreign real estate and used testaferros. He even has a villa in Cannes which was adjudicated by the Irak. The Marruecos discovered several hotels Sadam owned.

Saddam Hussein’s eulogy has a subtext of sectarianism. His eulogy is not the only one. His son and daughter, former Iraqi dictators, have also written a book about him. Raghad blames America for the chaos in Iraq despite the turmoil caused by the invasion. He hopes that Donald Trump will be a different leader than his predecessors.

Saddam Hussein’s son Uday died violently after he was thrown from power. Uday’s father had quemo his son’s collection of cars. Uday’s father was later killed by a balacera attack, and Uday’s son was injured in the attack. It is a tragedy for all of them, but Uday’s car was still worth a million dollars.

Sadam Hussein has a large fortune in at least 70 different banks around the world. According to the CIA, his father was one of the most valuable eavesdroppers in the EU. He also had close connections with the father of President George Bush.