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Ux Researcher Jobs San Francisco

UX Researcher Jobs in San Francisco

If you are looking for a career in UX Researcher, you may be wondering where to start looking. There are several reasons to pursue this type of position. Here is a look at what is involved in this type of job and the salary range. These are just a few of the benefits of working as a UX Researcher.

Job description

A UX Researcher’s job requires the candidate to have 3 years of experience, an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year college or university, and strong organizational, planning, and time management skills. Experienced UX Researchers should be familiar with enterprise software, and experience in collaboration with other researchers and marketing professionals is ideal. UX research analysts enjoy competitive salaries and benefits packages.

A UX researcher is responsible for determining a product’s design and usability strategy. He or she will work closely with cross-functional partners to develop a strategy to better meet the needs of users. A UX Researcher will also provide guidance and feedback to colleagues and managers, and mentor junior researchers. As part of the UX design team, he or she conducts user interviews, conducts usability testing, and formats findings into impactful UX Deliverables, including User Personas, Mental Model Maps, Journey Maps, and User-flows. A UX Researcher’s expertise in the user experience field is crucial in delivering cutting-edge, creative user experiences.

As a UX Researcher, you will collaborate closely with product, engineering, and marketing teams to develop actionable insights for the business. You’ll also partner with editorial groups and work with leaders in neighborhood operations, marketing, and HR. You’ll have a diverse team, including leaders from the product development, marketing, and engineering teams. In addition to working with these groups, you’ll also work independently to oversee the UX Design Program Operations.


A UX Researcher will support a broad range of research projects within a company. He or she will partner with UX Design, Engineering, and other departments to develop new ideas and products. In addition, a UX Researcher must possess a strong background in generative, concept, and evaluative research methods. His or her work will complement business strategy, drive product direction, and deliver exceptional innovative user experiences.