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How the DS Does Pokemon Research and How the Legendary Pokemon Moltres Works

If you’ve played the Nintendo DS game Pokémon GO, you know that you can earn a few rewards by doing various tasks. These rewards range from 50 x 150 cm pillowcases to Professor Willow’s new legendary Pokemon, Moltres. You can also learn about the new Professor Willow’s special research and find out more about the Legendary Pokemon.

Field Research

Field Research tasks are quests in Pokemon GO. Players complete them to collect various items, such as Razz Berries. The more challenging tasks give more rewards, while easier tasks give lower rewards. You can do three Field Research tasks at a time, and can delete any unfinished tasks at any time. Afterward, you can retrieve your completed tasks at the PokeStop where you performed them.

The reward for completing these tasks is a Research Breakthrough, which can help you unlock Shiny forms of certain Pokemon. In addition, it also gives you access to shiny Pokemon, which can be used to evolve other Pokemon. These tasks require more time and patience, but the rewards are worth it in the end.

The rewards are collected in the form of stamps after completing each task. The number of stamps depends on the number of completed tasks. Usually, you can earn one stamp per day. However, you can also save completed tasks to earn more stamps later. Generally, you can claim the Research Breakthrough reward after collecting seven stamps. However, this must be done before the end of the month.

Special Research

Special Research is a type of quest that will take longer and require more effort than the basic quest. It is triggered when Professor Willow asks for your help with a research task. The more you complete, the better the rewards are, and you will eventually unlock a Mythical Pokemon! There are eight different types of Special Research tasks. The rewards are different, too. Some will give you items, other will give you XP or Stardust.

Special Research quests are a clever way to spice up the game. They turn catching worthwhile Pokemon into an intensive process that can take hours or even days, depending on the intensity of the quest. These are great for earning big chunks of XP, as well as giving you a good feeling of accomplishment. And they’re definitely more fun than doing a quick one-off task.

One of the main objectives of Pokemon GO is to find the Mythical Pokemon Mew. By completing this research, you can get the rare Mew, a powerful Pokemon that can help you in the game. This type of research is a great way to find new Pokemon that you have never seen before. There are also lots of rewards to be had for completing this quest!

Legendary Pokemon Moltres

The Legendary Pokemon Moltres is a dual-typed monster that has a CP of 3465. It is vulnerable to Electric, Water, and Rock attacks. Moltres has a base Special Attack of 125, making it a solid offensive threat. Its other strengths include decent Speed, bulk, and switch-in opportunities. To learn how to effectively battle Moltres, read on.

One way to catch Moltres is to use a Razz Berry or a Golden Razz Berry to make throwing Moltres more accurate. The Nanab Berry is another useful item, as it calms Moltres and increases your chance to land a Great or Excellent Throw. Having a Buddy Pokemon with a Great Buddy level will also help you catch Moltres.

Due to its dual types, Moltres has interesting type matchups. While it’s weak against ground and psychic types, it is also immune to ghost and grass type moves. Electric and fairy types are also powerful against Moltres.