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Marques Houston Birth Chart

Marques Houston Birth Chart

Marques Houston was born under the sign of Leo, one of the twelve zodiac signs. People born under this sign are natural born leaders and are dramatic, creative, and self-confident. These people are also very powerful and can accomplish anything. They are a good influence on others, and can bring different groups together. They are also attractive and have an excellent sense of humor.

Marques Houston is a father to daughter named Zara. He is currently married to Miya Dickey, and the couple welcomed Zara on December 2 of this year. Marques Houston began his singing career at age nine with a group called Immature. The group later changed their name to IMx, and he has since released six solo albums. His latest album, Famous, was released in 2013. Marques Houston has also starred in various movies, including House Party 3 and House Party 4.

Marques Houston was born under the star sign of Rooster. People born under this star sign are practical, analytical, and honest. They are also neat and tidy. Their personalities match the sign of Ox, which is compatible with Roosters. His early career started in R&B, as a founding member of the R&B group Immature/IMx. He later went solo with his debut solo album MH, and the album became a hit in the United States.