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Peoples Bank Prestonsburg Ky

Peoples Bank Prestonsburg KY

Peoples Bank Prestonsburg KY is a branch of PeoplesBank located at 838 North Arnold Avenue. The bank is open Monday to Friday and closes on Saturday. This is a full service banking branch that also offers ATM services. You can contact the branch by calling (502) 932-2223 or visit the website.

Since its founding in 1885, PeoplesBank has grown from a small regional bank into a diversified financial institution with a large number of branches in western Massachusetts. It has a market share of approximately 35% of the customer deposits in the region. Currently, PeoplesBank has 16 branches in Hampden County, one in Hampshire County and seven in Western Massachusetts. During the past decade, PeoplesBank has expanded its financial presence to include more than $1.5 billion in assets. Aside from a growing consumer base, PeoplesBank has also built up a solid reputation within the community.

PeoplesBank has a robust marketing campaign geared toward the local market. This includes a robust social media presence as well as a website that has been ranked as the third best in Western Massachusetts by Money magazine. There are also several ATM locations in the area. Besides, the company offers a full range of services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, IRAs, mortgages, and more. Despite its size, it is able to provide a personalized approach to its clients.

PeoplesBank is a state-chartered bank with offices in the metro Boston area, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts. According to its website, “ is a great place to do business.” That statement is a little bit of an exaggeration. Actually, you can do your banking in any branch of any bank. However, PeoplesBank has a larger corporate structure than First Commonwealth Bank of Prestonsburg, KY. For that reason, you can find more extensive commercial services at PeoplesBank than at First Commonwealth.

One interesting fact about the PeoplesBank is that it has actually won the Polaroid test. In a survey of 700 consumers in Western Massachusetts, PeoplesBank received a whopping 32%. The other half of the test was a sequential “squirt” comparing two supposedly similar marks.

One of the most important functions of a good advertising campaign is to educate potential customers about the product or service. To accomplish this, PeoplesBank uses a variety of tactics, including a robust website and a comprehensive online mobile banking platform. Additionally, it maintains a full-service office location in Prestonsburg, KY, so customers can come in person to do business. Whether you are new to the area or just want to find out more about the bank, you can always contact a customer service representative.

The PeoplesBank logo is a simple, clean and effective design that has served the bank well for more than 125 years. They have also emphasized relationships, dependability, and trust, and their products and services are designed with these factors in mind.

Despite its modest size, the company has been able to establish a great name and brand in Western Massachusetts. This has contributed to its success in the industry.