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Amare Travel Nursing

Top 5 Travel Nursing Agencies

Aya Healthcare

Aya is one of the few travel nursing agencies offering sick pay, providing you with financial support to remain healthy during an assignment. Earn up to one hour of sick time for every 30 hours you work – an amazing benefit that you won’t find with many other agencies – starting on day 1 of your assignment!

Triage Staffing of Omaha, Nebraska provides competitive compensation packages and extensive perks to nurses working for Triage. These benefits include day-one health insurance, 401(k) options and payment incentives for referrals. Furthermore, Triage offers an expert client success team available 24/7 who are more than happy to answer any queries that you might have.

Advantis Medical can offer nurses from their wide network of hospitals across the country the opportunity to find positions across specialties, including medical-surgical (M/S), emergency department (ED), intensive care unit (ICU), labor & delivery and more. Their job board offers travelers travel assignments while the benefits package includes tuition reimbursement programs, paid licensure fees and direct deposit from day one.

Amare RN Jobs

Amare makes applying for travel nursing jobs easier by offering online applications with immediate feedback. They pride themselves on their outstanding communication and support services and boast many positive reviews from current and past nurses, which accounts for them being consistently listed amongst top travel nursing companies.

RN Network was established in 1998, and since then has provided travel nurses across the nation. Their outstanding customer service and compensation packages, along with access to Talkspace, Teladoc and Sanvello’s mental health app ensure their nurses have all of the resources they require during their assignments.

FlexCare Medical Staffing

FlexCare stands out among medical staffing agencies by offering travel nurses high pay and generous stipends, in addition to an attractive benefits package including 401(k) plans and licensure fees paid upfront before assignments. Plus there’s the referral bonus program!

TotalMed is an excellent option for travelers searching for new assignments quickly, offering access to many hospital systems across the U.S. with nursing positions available and offering relocation support services. Their customer service is outstanding and their benefits package provides health insurance and licensure fees paid directly.

AHS Staffing of Edmond, Oklahoma is a national staffing agency with strong roots in travel nursing community and one of the highest rated agencies on GlassDoor.

Host Healthcare is highly-respected among both travel nursing communities and Highway Hypodermics, offering outstanding job board listings as well as exceptional customer service and matching potential candidates with their ideal positions. Their team is always on hand to answer questions or ensure a match between you and an available position is found for you. As members of Nurses Union they also provide excellent compensation and benefits packages along with tuition reimbursement programs for students pursuing degrees in nursing.